Physical Therapy

Biomechanical Evaluation

Understanding what isn’t working properly in the way you carry out your daily activities or during sports performance is the first step to creating a plan to improve your function.  Our therapists will perform a thorough evaluation that considers your structure, flexibility, strength, balance and function to create a treatment approach that is individually tailored to your specific needs.  You will be asked for your input on what you hope to accomplish in therapy in order to set goals alongside your therapist and to confirm your needs are being met during your course of care, helping to ensure compliance and satisfaction with your outcome.


Manual Therapy

When your body doesn’t move like it is designed to, whether due to an injury to a joint, surgical intervention, tight muscles or weakness in your limbs or core, you will find a way to compensate around restrictions.  This ultimately causes other tissues to bear excessive load or function in a way they are not capable of sustaining.  Therapists utilize hands on techniques to normalize the function of your musculoskeletal system.  Your therapist will determine if you would benefit from techniques such as joint mobilization, myofascial release, manual resistive exercises, taping techniques and many other disciplines that will help allow you to perform at your highest potential.  Whether you are a professional athlete, a recreational participant in weekend sports or someone who simply feels they could live life with less pain and limitation, physical therapy can help you reach your goals.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Sometimes genetics get the upper hand and we must try to function with less than ideal structure.  Supporting the base of your functional chain, custom foot orthotics can be a valuable adjunct to the treatment plan for these patients.  Orthotics can help minimize lower leg rotational compensation patterns each time your foot strikes the ground by providing a level base of support.  Your therapist will determine if your foot structure may be contributing to your limitations and will discuss both over the counter and custom options as indicated.


“Pre-habilitation” / Arthritis Program

Living with a degenerative joint can limit your ability to function normally and maintain your level of cardiovascular health.  Patients choosing to undergo joint replacement surgeries, those who are not surgical candidates or those whose insurance companies require conservative care before approving surgical intervention all benefit from quality therapy sessions to address the effects of the degenerative process.  You will be evaluated for your current status, given instruction on exercises to help improve your strength and mobility as well as be given an insight into what your post-operative treatment plan might look like.  Patients who invest time improving health and wellness prior to surgeries have shown to have significantly better outcomes and a shorter course of post-operative care.

Sports Performance / Injury Prevention Programs

Athletes at all levels demand a lot from their bodies due to performing high velocity or high power motions, often times at the end range of a joint’s capability.  Strength, stability, control and endurance must be combined with an athlete’s ability to move in proper planes of motion.  One small restriction in any of these elements can cause an athlete to utilize altered mechanics that can quickly lead to injury, tissue damage and ultimately the inability to participate at the level desired.  Our team is ready to evaluate your performance through biomechanical analysis, functional evaluation for tri-planar motion, acceleration/deceleration control and overall stability to ensure you are able to withstand the rigors of your sport with resilience and longevity. Whether you are an overhead athlete, a low or high mileage runner or an active participant in multiple sports, we can help you to improve your performance and allow you to continue participation with lowered risk of injury.

Are you ready to achieve your greatest potential in health and wellness?