Patient Testimonials

Recommendations for PHENIX

“PHENIX has been so helpful and healing in many ways. The expertise of Reid as a physical therapist is very extensive. Not only does he address my concerns from injury and overuse, he has educated me on cause and exercises to reduce further problems. He is patient, supportive and an integral part of my goal towards optimal wellness. Kim, the massage therapist, is also part of my treatment. She is excellent in finding areas on my body that need relief from injury and overuse and works in conjunction with Reid. Her expertise and gentle manner provide good healing and support. I am glad to have Reid and Kim be a part of my treatment and wellness team.” – PHENIX patient/client

Reid Kuether, MPT, OCS

“Reid is the only physical therapist that understands my daughter’s unique conditions/injuries and has the experience to treat them. Because of this, I am truly grateful she is in his care.” – Physical Therapy patient’s parent

“Reid Kuether has been my choice for physical therapy for over 15 years. He is thorough when it comes to diagnosing the cause of uncomfortable symptoms and assigning therapeutic exercises to target the healing or strength needed to eradicate the pain. I also worked with him pre and post rotator cuff surgery with excellent results. His communication skills, patience and comprehensive knowledge of his vocation are a few of his professional qualities. –Physical Therapy patient

“Reid is the most knowledgeable, caring and supportive physical therapist I have encountered. His vast experience in his profession enables him to treat every patient in the way their injury requires.” – Physical Therapy patient

“To find a clinician that is as knowledgeable as Reid is difficult, but to find one as knowledgeable and compassionate is unheard of! From the second you meet him you will feel cared for and know you are in the most capable of hands. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for Physical Therapy. Seriously, his hands are magical!” -Physical Therapy patient

Kim Kreidel-Reimer, LMP, CET

“Kim Kreidel-Reimer has been my trusted partner in healing for over 17 years. Her gift of healing touch via deep tissue, therapeutic massage has allowed me to pro-actively manage some trouble spots with my back, neck and shoulders. As a result, her expertise allows me to remain active, travel extensively for business and for fun and to live comfortably in a pain-free manner. I count on her massage as part of my essentials for health maintenance and have highly recommended her to others for years.” – Massage client

“Busy schedules, to do lists, traffic, stress…eventually the realities of daily life show up in your body: tension in your neck, soreness in your muscles, fatigue…just not feeling on top of your game. PHENIX understands that and has the answer: amazing massages that restore your body. You walk out feeling the way you’re supposed to feel. I highly recommend PHENIX for anyone who wants to feel rejuvenated!” – Massage client

“Loved Kim and her massage technique. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Overall, my experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend coming here!” – Massage client

“Kim Kreidel-Reimer has been my family’s massage therapist for over 12 years and has truly helped me to be able to continue working in my chosen dental profession. The demands on the muscles and spine for dental professionals are not only taxing, but can be damaging to the body unless properly cared for. Her expert care and expertise in muscle anatomy and human physiology make for a perfect combination in therapy and healing. She has treated members of my family from infant to adult in a respectful and heartfelt manner. Being a seeker of continued knowledge, over the years she has added energy healing to her repertoire and this has enhanced her work. I have and will continue to refer anyone that I meet that is interested in massage and energy healing to see Kim. She is a very intuitive practitioner in the healing arts.” – Massage client

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