About Phenix

PHENIX Physical Therapy & Personal Wellness is an integrative practice that brings physical therapy and massage therapy together in a collaborative setting to optimize your health and wellness.  We specialize in the rehabilitation of patients who have sustained injuries, undergone surgical intervention or have pain that limits their quality of life.  We cater to the needs of patients from all age ranges in need of outpatient orthopedic care.  We also offer wellness services to those that seek preventative care or who wish to improve their performance in the activities in which they participate.  Whether that is high-level athletics, recreational sports or taking part in every day life, we can help you realize your potential.



Our mission is to promote optimal health and functional performance by providing an integrative model of care to those who actively participate in their therapy, working collaboratively with our network of practitioners to enhance patient outcomes.



It is the vision of PHENIX Physical Therapy & Personal Wellness to be a sound business practice based on patient first principles, guiding and leading the integrative practice model to one of high regard by the community in which we serve and the referral base who places their trust in our skilled hands.  We believe that our years of experience combine to offer a place of healing, both physically and emotionally, and allow our patients the path to achieve their greatest potential in health and wellness.  Our brand is synonymous with exceptional care and outcomes that exceed expectation.


Core values

PHENIX Physical Therapy & Personal Wellness operates in accordance with the following core values:


  • Treatment provided is intentional and personalized for each individual patient’s needs.
  • Our delivery of care exceeds industry standards to attain optimal outcomes.
  • Each patient is treated with respect, kindness and integrity to develop effective relationships and trust.
  • We believe in and cultivate a multi-disciplinary approach as a means toward personal wellness.
  • Through provider collaboration, patient empowerment is enhanced by awareness and education, leading to a successful episode of care that supports sustainable lifestyle change.

Physical Therapy


Massage Therapy

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